what is crypto league?

Crypto League is a collection of 41 uniquely designed characters who represent the cryptoverse.


If you have ever been involved in the world of cryptocurrencies, you must have heard of terms such as Bitcoin whale or miner. But have you heard about bag holders, tribalists or shillers? These guys are well known to the crypto veterans, and they play a key role in the cryptoverse. Each crypto League’s uniquely designed characters, represent a key person or a term within the crypto world. If you ever bought, traded, or sold any cryptocurrencies or non fungible tokens, chances are that you will identify with at least one of them.


The characters are minted in the form of digital cards also knows as non fungible token(NFT). They are bought, trade and sold with cryptocurrency, and they are encoded with the underlying software with a certificate of authenticity. Each card is unique and is stored on a blockchain network, with any changes in ownership verified by a worldwide network and logged in public. That means that the chain of custody is marked in the file itself permanently, and it’s practically impossible to swap in a fake.

Numbers, classes and rarity:

There will be 41 characters and 3 different type groups. Colored for common, silver for rare and golden for super rare.


23 characters will present themselves in a colored card casing with a colored Crypto League logo. Each character will have his own limited number of mint cards, ranging from a minimum of 25 cards for maximum of 50 cards. A number of cards per common character will never exceed 50


Then there are the rare characters. A total of eleven rare characters will be roaming the cryptoverse and they will be inside a colored card casing with a silver Crypto League logo. Character Newbie is one of them. There will be a minimum of 11 cards, and a maximum of 20 cards for a rare specific rare characters.


And finally the super rare characters. Characters like Satoshi Nakamoto, Lambo Ape and The Hodler will have the privilege of being incased inside a gold Crypto League card along with a gold Crypto League logo. There will be a minimum of 7 cards, and a maximum of 11 cards for super rare characters. 


This Crypto League collection will consist of 1111 cards.

Where we're headed:

Hopefully to the moon! Just kidding. We want to stay here on earth and help  build a sustainable future for generations to come.


We are on a mission to create 41 unique characters and put them into an immersive virtual world. The characters you collected will roam around the metaverse for you to interact with them. You will be able to wave at The Whale and ask him how he managed to accumulate such wealth or how many Bitcoins he owns. You will probably find The Newbie at the fast food restaurant trying to earn a few bucks so he can invest in the next shit coin.


The Crypto League world will be full of entertaining and educational content so you will have fun exploring it and you will get a chance to learn something new along the way. You will also be able to meet other collectors or purchase a new character from inside the Crypto League world.


The Crypto League world will only be accessible to card holders. 


What your purchase matters.

By purchasing a Crypto League card you are contributing to a green future. Care about the environment is one of our core values, so you need to know that creation of an NFT on Ethereum network has a huge environmental footprint, therefore any purchase has to be considered! 


Nevertheless, we want to take responsibility in building a sustainable future. That is why we decided that for any Crypto League character minted, 30$ will be donated to various non profit organizations in fields of environment and research.


Currently we are donating to #teamseas to help them remove 30 million pounds of trash by January 1st, 2022

Why should you invest?

  1. Help build a sustainable future for our planet.
  2. Help us realize our full creative potential.
  3. Help us bring crypto and NFT technology closer to a broader audience
  4. Be part of a new and exciting venture


We’ve set up some goalposts for ourselves. Once we hit a target sell through percentage, we will begin to work on realizing the next goal.

  1. Create 41 characters (4/41)
  2. Sell 100 Cards(3%)
  3. Webpage update with direct wallet connection, custom portfolio and on platform collecting
  4. Collector Leaderboard
  5. Crypto League Clothing & Apparel
  6. Building the Crypto League Metaverse